Jaap and Matthijs have been auto enthusiasts since their childhood days. They have always shared a common appreciation for classic automobiles. VEMU Car Classics was created out of their hard work, dedication and their deep understanding and appreciation of Classic automobiles. The initial concept was simply a hobby, but this quickly grew into a proud and thriving business.

Matthijs’s focus and education has always been on technical aspects and on logistics. Jaap on the other hand, has a solid commercial background. These differences in back grounds and interest has added immense strength, flexibility and well roundedness to the two-man team. This is the foundation of this highly motivated partnership, which thrives on ambition and achievement. VEMU is always keen to develop win-win situations where all stakeholders are able to walk away with a sense of satisfaction.

The team at VEMU Car Classics is a sterling example of young, dynamic and driven entrepreneurship. Jaap and Matthijs radiate enthusiasm for the nostalgia of classic automobiles brought back to life in today’s modern world. The team is always excited about sharing this enthusiasm and proudly display their show room filled with beautiful classic automobiles.

If you are curious in their current collection have a look at the ‘Cars of sale / Cars expected’ section. Enjoy digital access to the Showroom of VEMU Car Classics

VEMU Car Classics  Pure Classics Cars

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Showroom Address
Rijnsburgerweg 88
2231 AG Rijnsburg

M. Mulder
+31 (0)6 450 324 27
+49 (0)176 831 905 91

J. Veenboer
+31 (0)6 209 455 98

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